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Great Northern A-11
Address: 114 Depot Road, Osceola, WISCONSIN, 54020 USA. Tel.: 715.755.3570 Toll Free:
Now owned by the Minnesota Transportation Museum, this streamlined Great Northern Business coach is available for private charter. Prior to about 1924, the Great Northern owned and operated its own sleeping car fleet for overnight accomodations. (On most railroads, sleeping cars were owned and staffed by the George M. Pullman company, under contract.) Cars 9015 through 9035 were more opulent, providing four private sleeping compartments, a buffet, a smoking lounge, and an observation room and platform to bring up the rear of the train. Their observation platform was a little unusual, in that the door inside was offset to make room for a large picture window.
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Northern Sky
Address: 2816 West Grange Ave., Milwaukee, WISCONSIN, 53221 USA. Tel.: 414-281-7075 Toll Free: 1-800-414-8050
Rebuilt from the wheels up to reflect the ultimate in both equipment and amenities, the Northern Sky is a completely self-contained luxury environment, available for charter on Amtrak trains. When you charter private railcar, you create your own luxury railcar trip. You determine where you want your private railcar excursion to go - which route you want your railcar to take - and how long you wish to stay at your "train vacation destination."
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Palm Beach
Address: 200 S. Washington St. Suite 310, Green Bay, WISCONSIN, 54301 USA. Tel.: (920) 437-1666 Toll Free:
Built in 1949 by ACF as 6 bedroom-buffet-lounge for Seaboard Air Line. Later owned by Seaboard Coast Line. Sold to Amtrak and refurbished in 1975. Refurbished again after acquisition by current owner in 1980, and again in 1991. Sixth bedroom converted to shower with washer and dryer. Has M.U. trainline and can operate in any position on any Amtrak train.
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Pointe St. Charles
Address: 300 South Oakland Ave., Burlington, WISCONSIN, 53105 USA. Tel.: 262-763-5525 Toll Free:
This premium private car offers overnight accommodations for eight passengers and crew of two, in private bedrooms. The rear of the car has a very comfortable observation room and open rear platform. There is a large, formal dining room which is served from an all-stainless steel kitchen, fully fitted and equipped to provide all levels of food and beverage service. Pointe St. Charles is completely self-contained and certified to operate anywhere on Amtrak and VIA Rail national passenger routes, and freight rail systems throughout all of North America.
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The Calumet Club
Address: 300 South Oakland Ave., Burlington, WISCONSIN, 53105 USA. Tel.: 262-763-5525 Toll Free:
Car 3378, The Calumet Club, was built by the Pullman Company for the Illinois Central Railroad in 1952. Car 3378 comfortably seats 40, with ample room for additional standup patrons around the mid-car bar area. The car has a stereo radio and CD player, and is equipped to provide a full range of bar-lounge services. It is fully self-contained to provide its own electric, mechanical and other services.
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