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The Cincinnati Railway Company
Address: 11013 Kenwood Rd., Cincinnati, OHIO, 45242 USA. Tel.: 513-791-7245 Toll Free: Fax:513-7910880
Large View The Cincinnati Railway Company has three beautiful rail cars in its fleet: The Observatory, Birch Grove and Oliver Hazard Perry. All are Amtrak compliant cars. As such, the Cincinnati Railway Company is uniquely qualified to offer an array of charter excursions on regularly scheduled Amtrak routes as well as charters in the Cincinnati area. Via Amtrak's Cardinal we can virtually connect to any Amtrak or Via Canada route by connecting through Chicago or Washington DC. Alternatively, we can offer a one or two day trip on your own private train in Ohio or Indiana. By offering a Dome Car, a Business Car, and a Companion Sleeping Car, we can accommodate groups as small as four or as large as 50 or more. One, two, three or all four cars can be chartered, with or without chef and crew. A custom charter excursion can be designed to meet almost any imaginable need.
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Chapel Hill
Address: 207 Alamo Road, Middletown, OHIO, 45042 USA. Tel.: 513-422-5909 Toll Free:
Imagine the ultimate travel experience. Think of sitting back within the luxurious surroundings of a mahogany paneled observation lounge, while listening to the gentle sound of steel wheels on endless steel rails. Look out and absorb the breath-taking beauty of America from the open platform of a symbol of gracious travel. Experience a unique, elegant and relaxing way to travel, aboard Chapel Hill.
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Queen City Rail Tours
Address: 2063 West Fork Road, Cincinnati, OHIO, 45211 USA. Tel.: 513-542-4939 Toll Free:
Nine people came together united by their common love for trains and formed Queen City Rail Tours, Ltd. Because of our background, excitement, and experience running other train tours, we feel we can offer the public an experience that will be enjoyable and memorable. The schedule we have worked out offers something for everyone. No matter if you are a serious rail buff or just taking your first train ride, you will find something just right for you. While on the train, feel free to ask any of our staff questions about the train or the topography. Our aim is to make you feel welcome and at home while on board.
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Vista Dome
Address: 2940 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OHIO, 45208 USA. Tel.: (513) 871-357 Toll Free:
This car, a Vista Dome, is the pride of our fleet, and is reserved for use for special occasions and for rail cruises. It was originally a Northern Pacific car, and has had facsimile NP markings restored to the exterior. The interior has been extensively changed from its original coach seating, to lounge seating, bedroom and kitchen service. The dome car has been certified by AMTRAK for service with its trains. As a result, it can run throughout the United States as part of AMTRAK trains. It may also run in Canada. There's nothing like the view from a dome car: the 360 degree view opens up new vistas and doubles the pleasure of a train trip.
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