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Mid America Railcar
Address: P.O. Box 220305, Kirkwood, MISSOURI, 63122 USA. Tel.: 314-374-3801 Toll Free:
Large View id America Railcar Leasing offers one of the largest available Amtrak-compatible private railroad car fleets, an unparalleled reputation for quality and technology captured in the timelessness of streamlined stainless Budd cars, and the experience to make your trip a succes. Mid America offers extraordinary cars at reasonable rates for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lease or charter. We can assist you with selecting the right car or cars for your event and needs and with making the necessary transportation arrangements to make the cars available when you need them, where you need them. From a single car to an entire train set, Mid America is your single destination for creating a unique private railroad car experience.
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Cimarron River
Address: 4360 Contessi Manor Court, St. Louis, MISSOURI, 63128 USA. Tel.: (314) 692-1543 Toll Free:
Built by Pullman in 1948 for Frisco's "Meteor." Became Canadian National's Rainbow Falls in 1965, then VIA Rail Canada. Since it became privately owned, this car has traveled extensively in the U.S. and Canada, throughout Mexico, and into Guatemala. In charter service since 1986. 4 double bedrooms, 13 roomettes, shower. Capacity: Day 21+, Night 21.
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Metis - Historic Rails
Address: PO Box 411575, Kansas City, MISSOURI, 64141 USA. Tel.: 708-758-6680 Toll Free:
Originally built as a seven bedroom car with an observation lounge the Metis has been converted now to a four bedroom car keeping the observation lounge. Built in 1928 by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company. See the majestic U. S. or Canada while relaxing in the plush surroundings of the Observation Lounge. Enjoy your meals while watching the countryside drift past the large windows of the Dinning Room. Sleep in one of 4 luxury Bedroom Suits. There is no substitute for the sheer pleasure of traveling in a Private Rail Car.
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RailCruise America
Address: #400 St. Louis Union Station, St. Louis, MISSOURI, 63103 USA. Tel.: 314-231-9500 Toll Free:
RailCruise America offers a full train set, complete with eight beautifully modernized private cars and three locomotives to get your group on track with a truly memorable experience. Traveling the rail on a totally private chartered train is an experience that will be like none other your group has ever encountered. Each car in the train-set is refinished in clean lines with rich, warm mahogany, black walnut, hunter greens and golden accents. Included in the set are two dome cars with a breath taking upper-level glass-enclosed atrium, a entertainment car with a bar and a dance floor, dining cars, lounge cars, an executive sleeping car, and a platform car. Your group or corporate event will flow from car to car enjoying a wide variety of accommodations and exciting scenery.
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