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Silver Solarium - Rail Journeys West
Address: 3770 Flora Vista Ave, #404, Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA, 95051 USA. Tel.: (408) 241-7807 Toll Free:
Large View The Silver Solarium, a Vista-Dome-Sleeper-Lounge Observation car from the famed California Zephyr provides the comfort and luxury of a fine cruise trip for your rail adventure. Enjoy fresh regional cuisine prepared on board in the Vista-dome dining room. Relax and enjoy refreshments at the bar or in the round-end observation lounge. Four bedrooms sleep up to 9 for overnight travel. Additional sleeping space available in the dome.
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Scottish Thistle
Address: 12212 Afton Lane, Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, 92705 USA. Tel.: (714) 544-5779 Toll Free:
Large View The Scottish Thistle is one of the newest private rail cars in service today. Built for senior executives of the Canadian National Railway, it is first-class in every way, with a rear observation deck, full salon, formal dining room, two double staterooms, a full kitchen and staff quarters. The Scottish Thistle's heavy duty underframe gives you the smoothest ride available in a rail car. Designed for service in northern climates, it is extraordinarily well insulated. With full air conditioning, you'll be cool in summer, warm in winter, and travel in quiet comfort the year round. While the Scottish Thistle is yours you will receive the full attention of a personal staff. On the Scottish Thistle, you are not just a passenger... you are our guest.
Virtual Tour: Click Here for 360°x360° view of this railcar.
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Address: 1141 Bont Lane, Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA, 94596 USA. Tel.: 925-945-893 Toll Free: 1-800-783-0783
General Rail Corportation proudly offers the private car Tamalpais for charter. The car is fully self-contained, with galley, sleeping, dining, restroom with shower, and lounge facilitie. Few people in the world have had the opportunity to enjoy this truly unique way to travel - aboard a private railroad car. Even during the heyday of Private Car travel in the early 1900's, this experience was limited to a small segment of America's populace - weathly industrialists, world famed entertainers, presidents, and top railroad officials. Only a few private cars still exist. Please note the mailing address used for this private railcar is actually of "Key Holidays" Amtrak Tours, who take cares of all the reservations.
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Movie Trains - Private Car & Private Train Services
Address: P.O.Box 1366, Arcadia, CALIFORNIA, 91077 USA. Tel.: 818-606-8105 Toll Free:
Large View The Train Source, Inc. is thoroughly experienced in providing private car and train services to celebrity and executive clients to assure discretion and privacy. Train Source, Inc. personnel have worked with major studios, independent producers and record/entertainment companies to operate/coordinate private trains operations on various railroads throughout the United States.
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Sierra Hotel Deluxe Rail Cruising.
Address: 360 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1009, Chicago, ILLINOIS, 60601 USA. Tel.: 800-449-7796 Toll Free: 800-449-7796
Enjoy the event of a lifetime, travelling like royalty as you experience the luxuries of a private railroad car cruise. The Sierra Hotel offers a unique opportunity for campaigns, business entertainment, or incentive travel. This private railroad car has been rebuilt from the wheels up to provide all the comforts of home while capable of travelling at speeds up to 110 miles per hour. It is Amtrak® compatible and self-contained to ensure reliability.
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Francis L. Suter
Address: 237 W. Chestnut St, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA, 17603 USA. Tel.: 717-394-7397 Toll Free:
In today's fast-paced world of one-minute managing, microwave meals and mass-marketed travel, the Francis L. Suter provides an opportunity to see the world in an environment of bygone taste and elegance. Originally built by the Pullman Company in 1914 to cater to the travel needs of Pennsylvania Railroad presidents and executives, this privately-owned business rail car is available for your family or group's exclusive conveyance wherever your dreams may take you.
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Address: P.O. Box 822, Washington Crossing, PENNSYLVANIA, 18977 USA. Tel.: (215) 504-2760 Toll Free:
Built by the Pennsylvania Railroad's Altoona Shops in 1928. Assigned to PRR presidents and furnished to U.S. presidents from FDR through John F. Kennedy (JFK used the car one year to travel to the Army-Navy football game). Served as Robert F. Kennedy funeral car. Privately owned since 1971. Completely rebuilt 1985-90.
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