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Movie Trains - Private Car & Private Train Services
Address: P.O.Box 1366, Arcadia, CALIFORNIA, 91077 USA. Tel.: 818-606-8105 Toll Free:
Large View The Train Source, Inc. is thoroughly experienced in providing private car and train services to celebrity and executive clients to assure discretion and privacy. Train Source, Inc. personnel have worked with major studios, independent producers and record/entertainment companies to operate/coordinate private trains operations on various railroads throughout the United States.
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Scottish Thistle
Address: 12212 Afton Lane, Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, 92705 USA. Tel.: (714) 544-5779 Toll Free:
Large View The Scottish Thistle is one of the newest private rail cars in service today. Built for senior executives of the Canadian National Railway, it is first-class in every way, with a rear observation deck, full salon, formal dining room, two double staterooms, a full kitchen and staff quarters. The Scottish Thistle's heavy duty underframe gives you the smoothest ride available in a rail car. Designed for service in northern climates, it is extraordinarily well insulated. With full air conditioning, you'll be cool in summer, warm in winter, and travel in quiet comfort the year round. While the Scottish Thistle is yours you will receive the full attention of a personal staff. On the Scottish Thistle, you are not just a passenger... you are our guest.
Virtual Tour: Click Here for 360°x360° view of this railcar.
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Silver Solarium - Rail Journeys West
Address: 3770 Flora Vista Ave, #404, Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA, 95051 USA. Tel.: (408) 241-7807 Toll Free:
Large View The Silver Solarium, a Vista-Dome-Sleeper-Lounge Observation car from the famed California Zephyr provides the comfort and luxury of a fine cruise trip for your rail adventure. Enjoy fresh regional cuisine prepared on board in the Vista-dome dining room. Relax and enjoy refreshments at the bar or in the round-end observation lounge. Four bedrooms sleep up to 9 for overnight travel. Additional sleeping space available in the dome.
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Bella Vista - Rail Ventures Inc.
Address: 2030 Union St. #203, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, 94123 USA. Tel.: 888.533.7245 Toll Free: 888.533.7245
Large View The Bella Vista, completely re-built in 2001, introduces a five-star level of rail travel unmatched in North America. Gracious. Luxurious. Opulent. These are but a few words synonymous with the Bella Vista. Glimmering in teak and mahogany, the Bella Vista exudes the classic elegance ushered in with the “Golden Age of Railroading.” The Bella Vista offers superb viewing from both the dome and the open viewing platform located at the rear of the car. From the moment you are welcomed aboard by your personal steward, you are provided with seamless service throughout your classic rail adventure.
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El Capitan - Rail Journeys West.
Address: 3770 Flora Vista Ave. #404, Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA, 95051 USA. Tel.: (408) 241-7807 Toll Free:
Large View Take off for first-class travel with yourself and 47 friends without leaving the ground. Spacious interior seating for 48 includes reclining, leg-rest coach seats with individual tray tables at each seat. Pillows and blankets also await for your comfort. Small galley for meal and beverage service. Two fully equipped rest rooms. The car was purchased in January 2000 by Rail Journeys West and has been thoroughly upgraded for charter and tour service. The El Capitan carries private Amtrak number 800721. The car once again carries “Santa Fe” lettering reflecting its proud heritage and has been named “El Capitan” for the train of the same name that it originally served as well as the famous California landmark within Yosemite National Park.
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Gallatin River - Rail Ventures Inc.
Address: 2030 Union St. #203, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, 94123 USA. Tel.: 888.533.7245 Toll Free: 888.533.7245
Large View The Gallatin River has been luxuriously restored to bring back the elegance of rail travel from the “glory days of railroading”. The interior of the car is finished in glimmering Honduran mahogany, with 6 double bedrooms and one master suite. The 6 bedrooms share 3 adjoining bathrooms with tiled showers and toilets situated between every other bedroom. Each bedroom is equipped with a private vanity, sink, closets and drawer space, with individual heat and air conditioning controls. The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed, a television and a private bathroom and shower.
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Overland Trail
Address: 2054 S. Halladay Street, Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA, 92707 USA. Tel.: 714.546.6923 Toll Free: 1.800.KEY.RAIL
Large View The Overland Trail, a 39-seat streamlined art-deco Club-Lounge with a barbershop, shower, stewardess room and quarter-circle bar (and her companion car, the Colonial Crafts Railcar, a 1949 built, 5 bedroom sleeper buffet lounge) operate on the 2nd Saturday of each month thrilling those in her charge with a nostalgic trip into yesteryear. For the discriminating adventurer, yesterday's pleasures of railway travel are still at hand. Treat yourself, your significant other, family or friends (even your out-of-town guests) to California's beauty by rail as we journey along Santa Fe's famed surf line between Los Angeles and San Diego. Our on board service will delight your taste buds ... your fare includes freshly prepared hors d'oeuvres and a very nice selection of wines.
Virtual Tour: Click Here for 360°x360° view of this railcar.
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Southern Pacific 3105 - Rail Journeys West
Address: 3770 Flora Vista Ave. #404, Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA, 95051 USA. Tel.: (408) 241-7807 Toll Free:
Large View Need space to dance the night away? Heated 30-foot baggage section with fold-away shelves ideal for receptions, trade shows, displays, luggage, skis, and golf clubs. Open floor area for dancing, receptions, etc. Three rooms available for breakouts and small meeting areas, secured storage and/or crew lounge area. Car has private room with separate shower, also a general shower and changing room. Sleeps 14 in six private rooms and has two fully equipped rest rooms. Flexible car layout can be configured a number of ways in order to not only meet, but exceed and efficiently support your specific service requirements.
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Virginia City Railcar
Address: P.O. Box 610120, Redwood City, CALIFORNIA, 94061 USA. Tel.: (650)369-5405 Toll Free:
Large View Experience the elegance of one of America's most famous Private Varnish as you travel the rails of North America. Live the Legend by chartering a trip on the Virginia City Rail Car. Choose from the many different Charters we offer. Book a retreat with a Corporate Charter, join your friends to ride the rails on a General Charter, dine on an intimate rail car restaurant by booking a Stationary Charter, tour the San Francisco Peninsula Corridor or design a once in a lifetime rail car caravan with a selection of various elegant rail cars. We also provide non-profit organizations the opportunity to use the Virginia City for fund-raising!
Virtual Tour: Click Here for 360°x360° view of this railcar.
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Address: 1141 Bont Lane, Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA, 94596 USA. Tel.: 925-945-893 Toll Free: 1-800-783-0783
General Rail Corportation proudly offers the private car Tamalpais for charter. The car is fully self-contained, with galley, sleeping, dining, restroom with shower, and lounge facilitie. Few people in the world have had the opportunity to enjoy this truly unique way to travel - aboard a private railroad car. Even during the heyday of Private Car travel in the early 1900's, this experience was limited to a small segment of America's populace - weathly industrialists, world famed entertainers, presidents, and top railroad officials. Only a few private cars still exist. Please note the mailing address used for this private railcar is actually of "Key Holidays" Amtrak Tours, who take cares of all the reservations.
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Burrard - Yolo Shortline Railroad
Address: 341 Industrial Way, Woodland, CALIFORNIA, 95776 USA. Tel.: 530.666.9698 Toll Free: 800.942.6387
Whether you opt for a two and one half hour excursion on the Yolo Shortline or a trip to almost anywhere served by Amtrak, we are ready to provide you with an experience you will treasure forever. Too much? Too little? Your travel arrangements aboard the Burrard will be carefully customized to your needs. Meals, beverages, appetizers, attendents, just give us your desires and we will fulfill them. Charters are available through the Yolo Shortline Railroad.
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Colonial Crafts
Address: 9303 Crystal View Drive, Tujunga, CALIFORNIA, 91042 USA. Tel.: (877)224-1150 Toll Free: (877)224-1150
Colonial Crafts has been chartered for birthday parties, wedding parties, business entertainment and vacation trips. A railcar trip to celebrate a special event for friends and family is truly unique. Impress business associates and clients with a private railcar event served by our professional staff. Train travel is fun and relaxing. Whatever your reason for considering private railcar travel, private car Colonial Crafts may be just the car for your needs.
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Los Angeles
Address: 205 Channel Dr, Novato, CALIFORNIA, 94945 USA. Tel.: (415) 899-9400 Toll Free:
Elegantly furnished with oversized chairs, sofa, marble topped tables and Aubusson carpet, this lovely room can accommodate up to eight guests. The social centre of the train and the venue for afternoon tea, pre-dinner drinks and late night cordials. Current periodicals are stocked and your favorite libation may be enjoyed at any time. 'Los Angeles' features the traditional brass-railed open air observation platform, the classic pre-war hallmark of grand luxe rail travel. Deck chairs are set out while traveling for viewing comfort.
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Los Angeles SP 131
Address: 471 W. Lemon Ave., Arcadia, CALIFORNIA, 91007 USA. Tel.: 818 606-8105 Toll Free:
SP 131 Los Angeles - is former Southern Pacific Business Car #131 Los Angeles. Built by Pullman Co. in 1927 as 3 Compartment, 2 Drawing Room, Lounge, Observation "Balboa.". It was converted by the SP to a business car and assigned to the Northwestern Pacific as NWP No.1 "Redwood". It was transferred back to the SP and became SP #131 "Western", then "Sacramento" and finally "Los Angeles.".Retired from service in the mid 1980's it became a privately owned business car available for charter service on Amtrak.
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Pacific Sands
Address: 24331 Muirlands Blvd Ste 4-319, Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA, 92630 USA. Tel.: 949 707-0707 Toll Free:
Travel by Train on the 1950 ex-Union Pacific 10-6 sleeper Pacific Sands. This car is the perfect companion to any of the fine day-use cars based in Southern California, adding comfortable sleeping accommodations for 22 people, 10 in individual roomettes and 12 in double bedrooms, which can be opened into deluxe suites. Newly refurbished in 2003 with the addition of a new stainless steel shower, kitchenette and diesel generator.
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